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royal pagoda motel

Despite it's modest appearance, the Royal Pagoda Motel, originally built in 1964, was a hotspot for Asian celebrities of the era. From famous Chinese Opera singers to Hong Kong starlets to Miss Universe Queens, the Royal Pagoda Motel was the oasis for well-heeled visitors from around the world. The revered motel, located within the new urban grid of downtown Los Angeles, is still one of the best preserved examples of Asian theme lodging. Inspired by traditional Chinese architectural elements, it's pagoda-styled roof made the property an instant icon in it's era.

"Sing" by Ed Sheeran
Filmed on location at Royal Pagoda Motel

Ms. Sil Fong Fong
Ms. Universe

Ms. Sil Fong Fong
1965 Chinese Movie Star

Ms. Universe
Thailand 1965 Ms. Aspara Hungsakula

Ms. Dung Bic Wun
Ms.Chinatown San Francisco 1968

Ms. Dung Bic Wun
Chinese Opera Star

Ms. Chinatown San Francisco